Specialized Transportation

Project Overview

Andrews was contracted by a major retailer to help manage a roll out project of drawer bars that included approximately 630 stores with fixtures shipping throughout the United States. Five vendors were involved with the project including three in Canada, one in Texas and one in Ohio. Andrews managed the consolidation of the fixtures and accessories from the five vendors, verified the inventory and condition of the items and managed the communication and distribution of store specific needs between the retailer, individual stores and malls. Andrews was responsible for delivery and installation according to the retailer’s needs.


During installation, the Andrews team recognized that the alignment of the side panels of some of the fixtures was off. To complete installation, different hardware was required than the hardware that was shipped with the panels.

case studies imageThe Andrews Solution

The Andrews project manager and installers found that by adjusting the size of the screws used during installation, the side panels lined up as needed to be installed properly. Andrews promptly notified its network of agents about varying screw size. The agents purchased the correct screws to send with the crews for installation at each location. This allowed the contractor to save time traveling between stores or worrying about having the proper equipment to complete each install. In addition, there were no extra costs to the retailer beyond the normal cost to purchase the new screws.


Andrews was able to help the retail client successfully launch their drawer bar project despite the design and installation challenges. There was no disruption of installation. The drawer bars were installed easily within the original deadline and with very little additional cost to the retailer.

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